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My mom Betty Douglas in January 2019 life changed from a fall which broke her hip. She was 92 living at home and still driving. After a bad experience being in a nursing home for rehab we took her home. She quickly realized life was not the same and decided to go to Kimberly Care to live.


It was a roller coaster ride with her health.  But she would rebound even through several bouts of sickness. I have to give credit to the wonderful caring staff. They loved my mom and I can tell you she loved them too. My mom was of very sound mind and I know could be a handful.


Special thanks to Mary who took exceptional care of her. Also another special thanks to Lynn who was there for my Mom in every situation.  My Mom's last days were tough on everyone there as we all tried to keep her here. But at 97 it was time. She made it clear.


So thank you all for loving her to the very end. I live two hours away and always had peace of mind that she was safe and loved.  You will always be in my heart.  I plan to visit as much as possible, why because you became family.  

My mother recently passed away and, while it is a sad time, I’m so grateful that she was cared for for the last several years by the folks at Kimberly Assisted Living. They were wonderful. They made my mom and me feel like family. I would recommend them without reservation.

It's been a little while since I have spent time with these fabulous folks and   I miss them. They became family for me as I was blessed to have them in my life, caring for my sweet Momma for 2 years. 

You will never find a more loving and caring staff to spoil and care for your loved one. Like many people who face the dilemma of how to care for an elderly parent or relative, I was apprehensive and felt I would never find the right fit we needed. We had managed her care in her home for 5 years, but we truly needed a team of caregivers who would see to her changing needs that we didn't have the skill set to do. 

As much as I wanted her to stay at home, circumstances and the progression of her illness forced me to search for another option. Many of the places I had visited, while nice, were just not the right fit for her. I wanted her to have a family atmosphere and also live close to me. I also wanted to ensure her security and safety. Just when I thought I'd never find the right fit, God opened a door for us. 

Lynn and her staff made Momma feel safe and loved. Her care was top-notch, even throughout the nightmare of Covid. As her physical health began to decline, there are other places that I know would have recommended her going to a nursing home... not Kimberly.


They adapted to her needs and held my hand as I had to make some tough choices. Lynn and the caregivers, with all their experience, were able to help guide me in the best direction for her. In many ways, I believe the love and care she received extended her life. There aren't many places you can say that about, especially during the trying times of a pandemic. 

When she passed in February, the staff grieved right along with our family. They have reached out and stayed in touch and will always have a special place in my heart. I don't know how they do what they do each and every day, but I am glad my sweet Momma got to benefit from their amazing love and care. They are truly angels here on Earth. I will be eternally grateful to each and every one of them, including the caregivers, kitchen staff, housekeeping and office staff. The hospice staff and nurses who cared for her when the time came were amazing as well. They have a great relationship with the staff, and that is very important. 

In case you can't tell, I love these people and highly recommend you visit Kimberly Personal Care when the time comes for your family to provide the best care possible, outside of their own home, if your parent or loved one should need it. God Bless you Kimberly family; thank you for loving our mother, Miss Doris, so very much. 

I stopped by to visit a close friend of my family. I was made feel right at home by the staff and the other residents. My friend was very happy and looked great. The entire place was so clean and organized.

I stayed for over two hours and was welcomed to join in with all of the events planed for that day. I can truly say me and my friend both had a great day. Thank you very much to the staff at Kimberly’s.

I came to this place in October, 2015 And had gotten to the point in my life that I didn’t know what to do. I was very sick all of 2015 and I came in here and I know that it was meant to be. I have given my life back to God since I have been here at Kimberly Personal Care Dallas, Georgia and I cannot describe the difference in me since then.

I was reading my bible the other day and it said that day that Christ is with us always and will never leave or forsake us. Since I have been here at Kimberly I have been given a wonderful family and its not just the staff but the residents also. I thank God everyday for such wonderful people that take such great care of everyone here. I will never be able to thank the manager( Lynn Pittman) and everyone of her care givers that have helped me to be a different person. Since being here I have also lost 81 pounds and have so much more energy.

I highly recommend this place to anyone if you want your loved one to be cared for and not have to worry about them.

I would like say Thank You to all of Kimberly’s staff for making my mother’s transition a lot better than me and my family expected. She has settled in to her new home just fine. The staff is the best, they are all very warm and friendly with mom, my family and I. We couldn’t ask for more. It had been a very stressful couple of months, but knowing now that mom is living in the best place possible, with loving people to care for her, takes such a huge burden off of mom and my family……..

For those looking for a place for someone who needs assistance, look no further. I knew right away that this was the place for our mom. She has been living here for 3 years now and I couldn’t say enough about Kimberly. It was hard to move our mom from the home she knew for 53 years, but Lynn assured us that she would adapt very quickly, and she did. My mom enjoys living here and really enjoys the home cooked meals and playing bingo each day. We have a “peace of mind” knowing that mom is being cared for and she enjoys her time here at Kimberly.

I absolutely love this community, I visit the residents as much as I can.  I can show up anytime of the day or evening.  I am welcomed by the staff each visit, offered to take the meal that is being served or the snack.  Join in any activity that might  be going on.

The place is spotless, and the residents are their first priority.  The meals that I have enjoyed during my visits have always been excellent.  

This community always have the same staff when you visit and you get to know them on a first name basis.  With that said, THANK YOU Lynn Pittman, Megan, Holly, Quan, Melinda, Wendy, Maryann, Christy, Tiffancy, Michele, Linda, and many more.

Fabulous job.  God bless each and every person that lives and gathers, and that is employed at this beautiful place.  Best wishes to you all!!!

I would highly recommend the Kimberly Personal Care Home to anyone looking for a loving, caring, home environment for their loved one. The staff is very attentive, caring and patient with all residents. The food is always good and the rooms are cleaned daily. My father was here about 7 years ago and now my mother is a resident. Kimberly is a small family owned business and takes great pride in the care they provide. You won’t find this level of care at one of the large corporate-owned facilities!

My mom has been a member of the Kimberly family for several years and I couldn’t be more happy.  The staff there has been incredible.  They go above and beyond expectations to take great care of her.  I couldn’t do a better job or have picked a more perfect place for my mom.  I recommend Kimberly 100%.

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